Do You Require a Different Security Outcome?

You need 100% visibility over your entire digital infrastructure, including the cloud, virtualised environments, SaaS applications, and industrial control systems. Powered by industry-leading AI, the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber defence platform that requires no set-up, learns on the job, and delivers value from day one.

You need a solution that not only detects cyber-attacks, but responds to them in real time. Powered by Darktrace’s multi-award-winning AI, Darktrace Antigena is an autonomous response solution that takes surgical action against in-progress cyber-threats within seconds, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real time.

There are no other means of effectively mitigating serious issues in an environment as complex as yours.

Cloud apps are the engine room of digital business. Everyone uses them, and volumes are forecast to grow.

One of your key challenges is effective cloud management whilst providing your business the agility it requires. Netskope is designed ground up to manage whom uses which of the 5,000 apps that are out there. It allows you to control what information is shared, how and where it is stored and encrypted, and all in a context-aware method.

Netskope stands for easy, low cost risk reduction. It pays for itself by showing you how to consolidate and then provides prolific benefits in control.

You’ve sweated over securing your internal systems and network, and now you need a detailed picture of your attack surface. RiskIQ has a massive crawling infrastructure with a ten-year picture of our complete digital world that is continuously updated.

We show how you appear to an adversary whether web, mobile or social. We find all impersonations (whether brand, or your executives) and we enable you to rapidly triage important security events.

Every time we trial RiskIQ the results are revealing. We think you’ll be interested in how it works and what it will inform you of.

vArmour is a next generation networking and security company. It’s software, so moves where your workload is whether it’s physical, virtual or third party cloud. It protects your data where you currently have no visibility. It’s about the ‘data defined perimeter’.

If you would like to fire more workload to cloud, or are struggling to architect SDN or other web-scale platforms then this technology is for you.

You probably invest a considerable sum on web app testing. And because it’s expensive you may only undertake the exercise quarterly or even half-yearly. So there’s a considerable gap when you do not possess visibility of vulnerabilities.

Whitehat represents a better way of ensuring application integrity through continuous SaaS monitoring of your code coupled with human analysis. You receive verified, prioritised results showing your teams where to direct their remediation efforts. It is cheaper than traditional means of testing and you provide your clients and employees with a better and safer experience.

There’s an upstream means possessing the requisite simplicity of ensuring nothing malicious is ever written to storage. We think of Abatis as the ‘freeze-ray gun’ preventing malware from taking root. It’s sophisticated, but easy to deploy, and comes sized to suit everything from your largest servers to smallest IoT device.

You benefited from Abatis on your journey to work this morning, and when you turn the lights on at home tonight. There’s plenty of reasons to better understand how it works and we’d love to brief you.

Intelligence gathering

It’s important that you expand your perimeter of understanding in respect of use of your IP, brand and references to key executives. Our approach is through use of ‘tripwires’ and it passively stores and indexes material over time (so you can track activity). This is achieved through brokers and agents, which is a low risk approach for you.

We provide deep reconnaissance analysing 150 million deep web sites and (crucially) more than 0.5 billion peer to peer sites. The latter are increasingly used by criminal networks, and therefore a view of both is required.

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Our simulation is a unique exercise that enables you to experience a targeted cyber-attack in a safe and controlled manner.

During the exercise, we demonstrate how your organisation is perceived to a dedicated external attacker. We will show how we achieve complete control of one or more significant workstations within the organisation and exfiltrate sensitive information.

The exercise tests your readiness level to various attack scenarios. It enables the IT and security teams to practice and improve their defence and recovery skills.

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